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Infographic: SEO during COVID-19

Adapting SEO strategy for COVID-19
5 tips on how you can adjust your SEO strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to adapt your SEO strategy during the coronavirus pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak has affected almost all aspects of our lives. From working conditions to buying behaviours and economic activity, the pandemic has challenged us to change our lifestyles in ways not imaginable before.


For digital marketers, this means a drastic changed in search behaviour. For example, more and more users are shifting from seeking luxury, desired-based services and products to essential purchases. Consequently, the websites that offer essential services experience increases in traffic, while others notice organic traffic declines. With people expected to spend more time indoors, the importance of video marketing has also increased. Keeping all this in mind, how should we adapt our SEO strategy during the coronavirus? 


We have put together a short “SEO during COVID-19” infographic to help you stay on track!

  • Have a dedicated COVID-19 page explaining how your brand is dealing with the outbreak – this will not only capture traffic but will increase the trust in your brand.

  • Use Google Trends to identify new topics for your content strategy. Compared to other keyword research tools, Google Trends has the most up-to-date data on what users are searching.

  • Try looking for keywords that include words like “at home”, “indoors”, “delivery”, “contactless”.

  • Be sure to optimize your FAQ pages and include questions you know your customers might are asking you, especially if you provide essential services.

  • Update your Google My Business paged and make use of Structured Data to better communicate changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
IMPORTANT: Don’t just exploit COVID-19 related questions! Before creating content, always make sure that it is relevant, mindful, ethical and useful to your business. And finally, help and support your community as much as you can!