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Google Announced a New Core Update on May 4th, 2020

Google Core Update May 2020
Google has rolled out a new core update on May 4th, 2020.

Google has rolled out a new core update on May 4th, 2020. 

Several times a year, Google makes changes to its search algorithms to increase the relevancy and quality of the search results. On May 4th, 2020, Google has announced that another such update has been released that will cause significant changes to the search results during the next couple of weeks. This means that some sites might experience gains or drops of positions in the SERP. 

What is a core update and how does it change the SERP? 

Google explains its core updates using the analogy of film lists. Imagine you made a film list of your favorite 100 movies 5 years ago and decided to refresh it this year. Naturally, you will add new films to your list, change their positions, and remove those that have become less interesting to you. Similarly, after a core update, content that gained relevance after the last update will gain positions, while content that has become obsolete will experience drops. 

Interestingly, the core update has launched just after COVID-19 has become a pandemic. Due to the coronavirus, the search behaviors across the globe have changed significantly – websites offering essential services and products saw boosts in traffic, while others, such as sites related to events, tourism, or outdoor entertainment went downhill. (For more information on the topic, check our infographic about SEO during COVID-19)

It is unclear, however, if the latest core update took into consideration those changes, but one thing is clear – Google now more than ever faces the challenge of delivering relevant, trustworthy, and quality content to its users. 

What should SEOs do after a core update has been released?

As with almost all updates, Google insists that there are no specific fixes the site-owners should implement to “recover” from the update. Instead, you should focus on producing quality content.

To make sure you do not lose ranking after the update, we recommend assessing your content with list questions proposed by Google. If you want to deep dive into how Google algorithms evaluate the content, make sure to check out the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. But most importantly, keep creating relevant content that puts the users’ intent first, and don’t forget to monitor your efforts!