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Kotoba SEO Agency

Kotoba is a Japanese word that is often translated as “word”, “phrase” or “language. To us, however, Kotoba is much more!

Kotoba is a data-driven and performance-oriented SEO agency in Armenia. Focusing on search engine optimization and market research, our goal is to provide 360 SEO services that will transform your business.

Just like the name of our SEO agency suggests, we believe in quality content. Considering your target audience’s intent and optimizing your website around the “words” that your customer speaks is our #1 priority! All of this without forgetting about the technical aspect of your website. Besides content optimizations, we provide full technical audits, on-page, and off-page optimizations.

At Kotoba, we love data - all our website optimization services are based on extensive research and analysis. We care about our clients and are with them at every step of their digital way. Besides delivering actionable SEO strategies and recommendations, we provide monthly dashboards and reporting to track and measure their success. We understand that SEO optimization is not a one-time thing but a constant, on-going process. We always stay up-to-date on digital marketing trends and help our clients always be at the top of innovations.

Our SEO specialists excel at what they do, having experience working with a wide range of clients and fields - from fashion and beauty industries to publishing, auction and tech companies. Committed to the work they do, they are what makes us Kotoba!

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